2019 Holly Run

Preliminary Plan


We are Going December 7th

Staging out of the Bay Bridge Airport (W29)

Preregistration required.

2019 change to radio procedures

At Bay Bridge, stay on CTAF 122.725

At Tangier Island, switch to ground 122.875

Please do NOT "Line Up and Wait", this is not safe at non-tower fields

2019 Holly Run Logistics
December 7th


8:00-9:00 Arrival at W29
8:00-10:00 Breakfast with Santa
9:45 Safety Briefing
10:15-11:00 W29 Departures
11:00-12:00 TGI Arrivals
12:00-1:00 Church service and first lunch shift
1:00-2:00 Second lunch shift
Departure at time of your choosing



This year Van's Aircraft is covering the cost of breakfast for us. As such we are asking pilots to spend money that would otherwise have gone towards breakfast on supplies for the school. The teachers on the island are always in need of classroom supplies such as clean-ex, germ-ex, and wipe board markers. Classroom art supplies are always a bonus as well. Please stop by your local Walmart or office supply store and bring what you can for the school.


Parking and Fueling


Questions? CSP: 410-604-1717 Helen's cell: 240-620-8926.